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This Encino home was completely redone by Architect Ken Lee. We replaced and painted all the doors and windows with enamel. We used three colors on this home to bring it to life.

Here is a beautiful Beverly Hills home. We used dark satin on the fascia board with a lighter accent on top to promote that Old English look. All the door and windows are done the same with a coat of varnish to protect them from the weather. This was Sheena Estons fireplace in her old house were we glazed all the walls in the living room and painted the trim white enamel. Stone was later installed by my Mason.
This is part of a 9000 sq. ft. house in Beverly Hills. Architect Ken Lee, selected use to paint theentire interior and exterior of the beautiful home. The custom interior colors were provided by Donald Kaufman Paints. The custom exteriorpaints were by Ben Moore Paints. This house was painted with Donald Kaufman Paints at $75.00 per gallon. It was well worth it, since the walls look like glass. All the trim was done with Ben Moore Paints.  The stucco was painted with a color selected by Ken Lee, Architect, and myself.
All the wrought iron has been kept up by the owner, of this beautiful home, since they moved in. I also take care of all the painting inside and out. This home is located in Beverly Hills. What a Beautiful House it is.   Here is a picture of me, Gary, working on a window frame in Encino.
This home is located in Sherman Oaks. All the trim was painted white to bring out the beautiful architecture and design of the house. We just painted the newly remodeled kitchen in bel air for Doc Derezin

Gary Drexler also the owner of the famous morts deli in Tarzana
Here is another beautiful kitchen in lake encino we painted blue. Here is another beautiful house in studio city we have done this past year As well as the maintenance of the large overhangs in rear of house Here is one of our pride Possessions here in Tarzana Varnishing all windows and doors for 3 weeks Absolutely beautiful
We will cater your party after having your house painted for a discount Here is another beautiful Deck in topanga canyon We just completed We also varnish and finish exterior decks
Another finished house in woodland hills that will be for sale by Maurice Kozak We specialize homes in mull holland park. Call us for estimate Another finished house complete for Maurice Kozak to sell in woodland hills He is the best realtor for buying and selling houses Call me for information how to sell your house
Another successful job in encino where many exterior windows and doors needed to be oil stained then varnished Another beautiful interior we are painting on stunt rd Owned by Liberace employer and sale soon Here is one of my favorite homes up on stunt rd Liberace has something to do with this being built back in the 70's
Living room in that estate on stunt rd The view is incredible We are painting the interior for sale This beautiful wall unit was prepared, primed & painted with low gloss enamel. All the windows are being sanded, primed,
painted and masked.
This Sherman Oaks house is now primed,
masked and ready to spray and finish.
This Beautiful House is in Westwood. I have
been caring for this house since my client moved
in 5 years ago. You should see the stained and varnished garage door.
We manage the upkeep for this apartment
building in Beverly Hills. We make sure all
the apartments are ready to rent after tenants
move out.
Final paint job completed with stucco painted
gray, trim white and front door in dark brown/
gray for accent.
Painting living room in Woodland Hills