Painting Contractor
and Improvement Specialist

Serving the greater Los Angeles area & Beverly Hills since 1974

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License #336199
Certified in:
Home Improvement

  • Stucco Repair and Patching
  • Installation of windows and doors
  • Installation of all door casing and base boards
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Complete Exterior Preparation and Painting
  • Complete Interior Preparation and Painting

High Pressure Washer

Drexler Personal Painting Inc. has been a full service business since I started it over 37 years ago.
My goal has always been to totally satisfy the “hard to satisfy”, and to make every painting project come out clean and easy without omitting the perfection.

I am proud to be known as “The Painting Contractor to the Stars", and value my expertise in knowing how to satisfy all of my customers. Working in such expensive homes like I do everyday, you realize that people expect perfection, and that is what I give them every time I walk into their homes.

From beginning to end, we start the job with the proper coverage, taping, plastic, and heavy tarps on surfaces to insure cleanliness. When working in one room, we try to plastic off the other areas to protect them from getting dusty from our sanding. We use our own vacuums to keep the areas as clean as possible during the work day. We always use the best possible materials, primers and paints to insure the best possible ending result, " A beautiful Paint Job". We have accomplished many painting jobs on homes that exceed 9000 square. feet, or just a small house of 1500 square feet.

Just remember that we treat your house like the castle it is. All these years in this business have been mostly by referral, SO I MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!!