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Drexler Personal Painting Inc. has been in the painting business since 1974. Gary is the painter to the Stars. His client list reads like the who's who of Hollywood. Including many movie stars, movie producers and executives in the various movie studios such as Warner Bros., Paramount Studios and M.G.M.. Also included is a vast number of clients in the recording industry.

Drexler Personal Painting Inc. has been rated as one of the Top 10 Residential Painting Companies in the   Los Angeles area by "Los Angeles Magazine".


I moved here to Los Angeles from Brooklyn New York and started this company back in 1974 by meeting the right decorators, contractors and architects who have recommended me to various clients here in the San Fernando Valley, as well as many very special clients in Beverly Hills, The Hollywood Hills, Santa Monica and Brentwood. One of the most influential people in my career is
Kenny Lee - Architect, Contractor, friend and mentor. Kenny and I have
worked together for the past 30 years and have completed many large projects, no matter what the detours brought us. I always look forward for someone contacting me on the phone or through this site and stating that Ken Lee gave them my number, and that I was the best and the most dedicated painter / contractor he knows and the only one he recommends who is experienced enough to complete such a task of painting their home inside and out. That means a lot to me, even to this day!
All of my clients expect the best job and we deliver that task to them. We have been known to change an exterior of a house from being run down and let go with peeling windows and chipping stucco to a beautiful prepared and painted custom home.

I have worked with the rich and famous in the Los Angeles area for many years and am respected by the many other painting contractors of my peers. In 1982 we had the privilege of painting George Burn's house on Maple Drive, at that time he was 95. One of my best clientele for many years, until she moved to Las Vegas, was Sheena Easton. A number of photos from one of her estates are seen on these pages. I was fortunate to have worked under Mr. Phil Goodman, "Decorator To The Stars", when he Introduced me to Ms. Easton., Ms. Easton and I have been friends ever since.

We had the pleasure of painting 3 homes for her during her change of residences. A fabulous person to work for and I owe this to Phil Goodman, may he rest in peace. We also had the honor of decorating Melissa Manchester's beautiful house in Tarzana, also a friend of Phil Goodman.

All of my special clients past and present will always leave a very special place in my life to have met them on a personal note and lucky enough to have decorated their beautiful homes with my expertise and my skill in painting.

Many thanks to the the Levines in Palisades, the Epsteins in Encino, Maurice Kozak(realtor-agent) From Berkshire Hathaway- and of course the Biders in Beverly Hills who have always stood by me with their most precious asset, their beautiful home, that I've continued to maintain for all these years of business. .....

Gary Drexler